Food for Skin x Plastic Soup Foundation

Save 5 million particles of microplastics per month

5 million?! Yup..

There are on average 90,000 pieces of microplastics on 1 fingertip of cream. So if you apply twice a day, you would apply more than 5 million particles of microplastics per month!

You can flush these pieces of plastic into nature through the shower drain and it has now also been shown that microplastics can be absorbed into your body.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many brands - such as Food for Skin - that do not add microplastics to their products.

Do you want to know whether there are microplastics in your product? Scan with the Beat the Microbeat app.

You help tackle plastic pollution

We donate 1% of our gross turnover annually to the Plastic Soup Foundation to support them in their important research into microplastics. You also contribute indirectly by ordering from us!

The Plastic Soup Foundation has already achieved great success with their donations in shaping new legislation and tackling deliberate microplastic polluters.

The Plastic Soup Foundation mission

Stop the tsunami of plastic soup as quickly as possible! That, in short, is the mission of Plastic Soup Foundation. If we don't succeed, we will saddle future generations with the consequences of a terrible plague.

Plastic Soup Foundation is therefore a 'single issue' environmental organization. They are concerned with one thing: stopping plastic pollution at the source.

To achieve that goal, they like to put their finger on the sore spots, especially in industry and government. They are also increasingly emphasizing the relationship between plastic and human health, such as with their Plastic Health Summit and the campaigns in the field of microplastics and plastic waste. Education is obviously an important pillar of their work, because children are the future.

Zero Plastics Inside certification

To ensure that cosmetic products are completely free of harmful microplastic ingredients, you need a guarantee. The Plastic Soup Foundation's Zero Plastics Inside logo is such a guarantee.

Brands and companies that do not use harmful microplastics in their products are allowed to use the 'Zero Plastic Inside' logo. This logo makes it clear to consumers at a glance that a product is guaranteed to be 100% free of harmful microplastic ingredients.

Food for Skin is happy and proud to have received this certification!