Which Serum is right for me?

  • Serum gevoelige huid | Food for Skin

    Cucumber Serum 30ml

    The Cucumber Serum works well for troubled skin, red skin. The serum is healing and inhibits inflammation.


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  • Pumpkin serum | Food for Skin

    Pumpkin Serum 30ml

    The Pumpkin Serum helps to renew the skin, makes it smooth and soft and restores the elasticity of the skin.


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  • Gezichtsserum droge huid | Food for Skin

    Avocado Serum 30ml

    The Avocado Serum is very nourishing, restores the moisture balance and is suitable for extremely dry skin.


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    Trial set Serums

    Are you unsure which serum suits you best? Then our trial set of serums is for you! Test all three.


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A hydrating serum: the refreshing booster for your face

Add a serum to your skincare routine for extra care and nutrition. Our facial serums contain only active ingredients, resulting in rich, pure and effective products. The hydrating serums ensure that your skin can retain moisture extra well. You can use the serum in the morning and evening. An extra boost? Use the serum liberally twice a week, without night cream. In this way it works like a nourishing mask.

Pamper your skin with a facial serum without additives

Choose a vegan serum without perfume to gently care for your skin. We have chosen not to add perfume or natural scent (for example essential oils) to our serums. This way you can also use it safely around your eyes. The serums smell like the ingredients smell. This is often described as 'earthy'.