FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Send us an email at hello@foodforskin.care or send us a message via social media.

Shipping & Returns

How soon can I expect my package?

Everything is shipped within two business days, so you can expect your package within two to three business days.

Can I return my product?

Unopened products can be returned within the return period of 14 days. The shipping costs are for the buyer's expense. The money will be refunded within 8 working days after receipt and inspection of the products.

Unfortunately, we cannot take back used products due to hygiene reasons. Please contact hello@foodforskin.care if you are not satisfied and we will find a solution.

Which countries does Food for Skin ship to and at what prices?

In the Netherlands, the shipping costs above an order of 45 euros are free. Under 45 euros it is 4.95 euros, regardless of the size of the package. Food for Skin contributes to this. We like to introduce people to our products, so we take care of the shipping costs for sample sets!

Food for Skin also ships to: Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Portugal. Shipping costs: 10 euros flat fee. Above 75 euros it will be shipped for free.

Other countries will follow as soon as we are ready.

Which shipping partner do you work with?

Our shipping partner is PostNL and Cyclone/bicycle courier. Our fulfillment partner is Sipack.

Sample sets fit in the letterbox and are delivered by PostNL with a bicycle/walking cart. In the bicycle courier cities, packages will always be delivered by bicycle.

Our products & the ingredients

Is Food for Skin suitable for very sensitive, rosacea or eczema skin?

Food for Skin is 100% natural and mild. We hear good results from people using it with very sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema.

We can never completely rule out the possibility that skin may react to the products. Essential oils have been added to the Tomato Base Cream and the Carrot Cleanser, which can cause a reaction in some people. The Serums are free of essential oils.

We always recommend that you try out the products in the elbow if you have very sensitive skin or problem skin with e.g. rosacea or eczema and/or consult your doctor.

Can I use your products during pregnancy?

Yes! The products are very mild, 100% natural and without harmful substances. They are therefore very suitable and safe to use during your pregnancy.

I get pimples after using the trial set for a few days, what should I do?

When you start using Food for Skin, your skin may feel a bit drier or you may get pimples and impurities. Don't be afraid of this, but keep going! Your skin needs time to recover. Especially if you have used more aggressive products, your skin has to get used to the natural products. We recommend using the products for at least 3 weeks because your skin renews every 3-4 weeks. You only need a test set for this.

Why does the day and night cream not have a pump?

A bottle with a pump reduces the risk of bacteria. However, a cream cannot be put in a glass bottle such as we use for the cleanser, for example, because then at least 25% would remain in the bottle and that is a shame. An airless dispenser would be great, but they are largely made of plastic, which we are not a fan of either. It is therefore a choice for us to go for the glass jar after all. The cream has been specially made and optimized for this, so that the product can be used safely for at least 3 months after opening.

Can I use Food for Skin with allergies?

All of our products are officially tested and registered and approved and no official allergy warnings have been issued. But: if you know that you are sensitive to 1 of the ingredients or to essential oils (these are not in the serums, but are in the cream and cleanser), always do a test in your elbow for at least 1 week or consult your dermatologist .

Why don't you work with skin types?

Dry skin, oily skin or other skin is the result of a disturbed skin balance. Food for Skin does not fight the problematic microbes, but rather nourishes the cells, so that the skin returns to balance. This is a different skin philosophy than what we have been taught in recent decades. We do not believe in fighting skin problems, but in nourishing the skin so that the skin remains in balance and the skin barrier is optimal.

Why do you have an oil cleanser and not a foaming cleanser?

Foaming cleaners contain soap. Soap can dry out the skin. An oil is super mild for skin and eye makeup, leaves the PH value intact and also has nourishing properties. You don't have a taut skin after cleansing with an oil. The oil is easily removed with a warm wet cloth. Gently massage over the face.

After using the oil cleanser, a tonic is unnecessary. A tonic normally restores the PH value, but with the Carrot Cleanser this is unnecessary. That saves you another product!

Are the products for men and women?

Food for Skin is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skin type or skin colour.

Is there an eye cream?

We try to keep our range as minimal as possible, so as not to bring unnecessary products into the world, because we already have too many products on this earth. In our opinion, an eye cream is not necessary. The skin around the eye is the same, just thinner. A serum can be perfectly applied in a very small amount around the eye.

Why do you work with ages?

The Tomato Base Cream and Carrot Cleanser are for all ages and skin types. We recommend the 3 serums (Cucumber, Pumpkin, Avocado) per age category, because the skin has different needs at these ages (up to 40, 40-55 and 55+). But, these ages are indicative. It is also important to look at your skin condition.

The Cucumber Serum works well for troubled skin, red skin. The serum is healing and inhibits inflammation.

The Pumpkin Serum helps to renew the skin, makes it smooth and soft and restores the elasticity of the skin.

The Avocado Serum is very nourishing, restores the moisture balance and is suitable for extremely dry skin.

Why do the serums smell different?

In the Tomato Base Cream and Carrot Cleanser, a natural scent has been added that has an invigorating effect, but in the serums we have deliberately chosen not to add a natural scent, so that it can also be applied around the eyes and the products are super mild. The serums smell like the ingredients smell, this is often described as 'earthy'. Mix it with a little Tomato Base Cream if you are looking for a scent experience or else the scent will be gone within minutes.

What ingredients are in the Food for Skin products?

All ingredients are 100% natural. Click on the relevant product in the shop to read all ingredients in understandable English and in the INCI (the official product name).

Unfortunately, the law requires us to list all INCIs on the back. We would have preferred to do that in plain Dutch. Then you could have read that all ingredients are edible in principle - we are not saying that everything tastes good :-).

Are there microplastics in Food for Skin products?

Absolutely not! Then it could not be 100% natural, because plastics are not natural. You can easily check this by downloading the Beat the Microbeads app from the Plastic Soup Foundation in the app store and photographing the ingredients of our products. With 1 click on the button you can see whether your product is free of microplastics.

Food for Skin received the designation 'Zero Plastics' from The Plastic Soup Foundation on November 11, 2020, after checking our ingredients.

What is and what is not in Food for Skin products?

Food for Skin is :

  • 100% natural
  • almost 100% organic
  • recyclable packaging (plastic with plastic and glass with glass)
  • vegan
  • animal testing free (only tested on humans)
  • sustainable production

Food for Skin does not contain:

  • microplastics
  • parabens
  • perfume
  • sulfates
  • mineral oils
  • synthetic fragrances
  • GMO
  • nanoparticles
  • bisphenol
  • alcohol
  • preservatives
  • palm oil

Are the products organic and organic?

If we have the choice for organic, we choose organic! Unfortunately that is not 100% available. Currently all our products are at least 85% organic (up to about 95%).

Officially we can therefore call it organic, but because it is not 100%, we do not claim this to avoid confusion.

Why are there vegetables in your products?

Your skin is your largest organ and contains millions of living cells that want to be 'fed' with nature's most powerful. Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants that make your microbes very happy. And you actually knew that, because if you want to take good care of your body, you know that drinking water and eating fruit and vegetables are great for your body.

We also use nuts and plant seeds. Seeds and nuts contain the heart of the fruit and therefore contain the most powerful pure ingredients.

How long do your products keep?

At the bottom of the glass packaging is a sticker with a best before (best before) date. For our products (without chemical preservatives!) this is at least 20 months from production. When selling, this will take a few months, but assume that the products to be received have a shelf life of at least 1 year. After opening 3 months.

Is oil good if I have oily skin?

People with dry skin may not produce enough sebum, while people with oily skin may produce too much sebum. By using oils you can keep the sebum composition in balance.

Our oils have been carefully selected and are non-comedogenic. This means that it does not clog the skin. The oils are cold pressed, which preserves valuable nutrients. Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids. The more unsaturated fatty acids, the faster the oil is absorbed into the skin. For dry and chapped skin we recommend oil with many unsaturated fatty acids (Avocado Serum) and for oily skin we recommend the opposite (Cucumber Serum). Our Pumpkin Serum is somewhere in between.

Packaging & sustainability

What is the packaging of the products made of?

The glass packaging of all products is made of Miron ultraviolet glass. This dark glass ensures that light cannot reach the product, which benefits the shelf life. Partly thanks to this glass, the natural product, without chemical preservatives, has a longer shelf life and your product is protected against unwanted intruders.

What are the pumps and caps made of?

The pumps and caps are made of PP plastic. We have searched very hard for a more environmentally friendly alternative, but due to the use of oils we do not seem to be able to find another solution for this now. The good news is that PP is now easily recyclable. So dispose of the cap/pump separately from the plastic.

We hope to be able to offer an alternative in the form of a one-off delivery of the pump and to send back orders with aluminum caps. We are busy with that!

Incidentally, Food for Skin is still looking for alternatives. Do you have an idea? Mail it to hello@foodforskin.care.

Why is my product not in a box?

At Food for Skin we try to produce as sustainably as possible and to produce as little waste as possible. Boxes around a product have no added value whatsoever, except that it looks nice. Normally it is immediately thrown away. We think that is a shame, so we have chosen to put all the information on the packaging, so that an extra box is not necessary.

Why does the day and night cream not have a pump?

A bottle with a pump reduces the risk of bacteria. However, a cream cannot be put in a glass bottle such as we use for the cleanser, for example, because then at least 25% would remain in the bottle and that is a shame. An airless dispenser would be great, but they are largely made of plastic, which we are not a fan of either. It is therefore a choice for us to go for the glass jar after all. The cream has been specially made and optimized for this, so that the product can be used safely for at least 3 months after opening.

Do you also have samples?

No, not aluminum 2ml or 5ml sachets. We do not do this for two reasons:

  1. The most important thing is that to see results, you have to use the products for at least three weeks, because then the skin is renewed and you really see the results. A sachet for one or two days says nothing about long-term results
  2. Samples are very polluting due to the material which is not recyclable.

That is why we have test sets, so that you can let your skin get used to it in 3 weeks and can properly assess the result.

Please note: sometimes a skin has to 'rehab' from chemical ingredients and the skin can become a bit restless at first. The skin is then in a transitional phase. After about two weeks, the skin should calm down. When in doubt, always contact your doctor or dermatologist. If in doubt about an allergy to the ingredients, always try it in the elbow first.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Through our suppliers we know where all ingredients come from and under what conditions they were extracted. We try to get the ingredients as close as possible, but this is not yet possible in all cases. This is our aim!

Sustainable production

What does upcycling mean and how does it work?

A number of our ingredients (about 20% in total) are obtained from residual or by-products. For example, our tomato seed oil comes from tomato seeds that are left over at a pasta sauce factory. These are taken to a cosmetic lab and they make the most beautiful oils. Waste regains value in this way, which is called valorisation. Waste becomes a new product, which is called upcycling (more value). We do not do this process ourselves, but buy the oils from the supplier who controls this process. We do intend to extract as many ingredients as possible from valorisation in the Netherlands. Stay tuned!

Where do you produce?

In Amsterdam and Almere! So close to home. With fantastic partners called Enjoy Divine Nature and Rebel Nature. They have a beautiful laboratory and take care of all the necessary tests and they produce our products.

Are you certified?

Food for Skin is B Corp, Zero Plastics Inside and we produce everything according to Natrue certification rules. All our products have been tested in laboratories according to official EU legislation.

No certification, but recognition: we won gold twice at the 2021 Dutch Beauty Awards and we have been nominated for 2023.

How is it possible that the products sometimes seem to differ in smell and color when buying again?

We work with 100% natural ingredients. Nature is not a machine and so it can happen that a scent or color differs slightly per production. However, the safety and operation is always constant.