Everything you need to know about our 100% natural sunscreen

  • Coral friendly

    Our SPF with zinc-based mineral filter is non-nano and uncoated, so it's safer and friendlier to coral and marine life

  • Mineral filter

    Reflects the sun through a layer on your skin, but does not penetrate

  • UVA + UVB

    Protects against both burning and serious skin damage and skin aging

  • For everyone from 6 months

    The laboratory has confirmed that the sunscreen is suitable for everyone from 6 months. Not in the sun at all for that!

  • Little or no white cast

    After applying it well (especially in the folds), the sunscreen gives a subtle golden shine

  • 100% PCR tube = recycled plastic

    Made from recycled plastic from the wrapping of construction products from the Netherlands

  • Water repellent

    Always reapply after swimming

  • Upcycling

    The sunscreen contains three ingredients from waste streams: blueberry, raspberry and bisabolol

Frequently asked questions about Food for Skin sun protection

From what age can the sunscreen be used?

The laboratory has confirmed that it is safe from 6 months of age. Because our products are completely mess-free, it is completely safe for children.

Babies under 6 months are not allowed in the sun at all, because their skin is still so fragile. We recommend protective clothing and apply it much more often to prevent sunburn to that young skin.

Is your sunscreen coral friendly?

Yes! Our zinc oxide mineral filter, with no nanoparticles (non-nano) and coating (uncoated), is safer and kinder to coral and marine life.

Does your sunscreen really not leave a white cast?

The Food for Skin sunscreen does not or hardly give a white cast. You have to spread it well and massage it in and sometimes after a few minutes even more smear it into your skin folds.

I want to know more about the mineral filter you use

We use a mineral filter based on zinc oxide. It contains no nanoparticles (non-nano), so they cannot enter your bloodstream or the coral. The zinc particles in the Food for Skin sunscreen are also uncoated. This means that there is no silicone layer around the zinc particles.

Non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide is safer and kinder to you and coral and marine life, and provides high protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.