Protect your skin and nature with 100% natural sunscreen. Our coral-friendly, water-repellent formula with mineral filter provides UVA + UVB protection and leaves a subtle golden shine without a white cast. Free from harmful microplastics and perfume. Safe during pregnancy and suitable for everyone from 6 months.

  • Coral friendly

  • Mineral filter

  • UVA + UVB

  • Little or no white cast

  • 100% PCR tube = recycled plastic

  • Water repellent

  • Three ingredients from upcycling

  • For everyone from 6 months

Sunscreen without the mess

Sunscreen is an essential product that protects us from the sun. It is important to use it when you go out into the direct sun and the sun factor is above 3. The choice is endless for sunscreen, but which one is really good for you?

There are two types of sunscreen on the market: sun protection with mineral filters or with chemically produced filters and substances. The sunscreen with mineral filters places a small layer on the skin, which reflects the sun and prevents it from penetrating your skin.

Sunscreen with chemical filters penetrates into your skin and the UV radiation is broken down there. This filter can cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin and is also bad for the ocean. A natural sunscreen without the junk is therefore not an unnecessary luxury, but better for your skin and the planet.

Healthy and responsible sunscreen without harmful substances

Our sunscreen without harmful substances, but with purely natural and vegan ingredients, is suitable for everyone from 6 months. Not in the sun at all! Our sunscreen is made on the basis of zinc. It contains no nanoparticles (non-nano), so they cannot enter your bloodstream or the coral. The zinc particles are also uncoated, which means that there is no silicone layer around the zinc particles. This makes the sunscreen safer and friendlier to coral and marine life.

In addition to the fact that Food for Skin's sunscreen only uses natural and vegan ingredients in its sunscreen, it also contains various substances that keep the skin in balance: antioxidants to prevent external influences, moisturizers that help maintain moisture in the skin and substances that help the skin recover. One of the active ingredients of the SPF is the kakadu plum. Did you know that this is the fruit with the most vitamin C? In addition to protection, a real boost for your skin!

Natural sunscreen without any mess or white cast

You can use the natural sunscreen for both your face and your body and it provides UVA + UVB protection. This means that the sunscreen prevents burning and serious damage to the skin, but also skin aging!

Until a few years ago, sunscreens with mineral filters often left a white film on your skin. Through extensive research in collaboration with our laboratory, we have created a beautiful formula, including blueberry seed oil, kakadu plum seed oil and raspberry seed oil, and we have developed our sunscreen in such a way that it leaves virtually no white cast, even after swimming!