Become an affiliate of Food for Skin

Do you have a nice website or blog and are you a fan of Food for Skin products? Then our affiliate program might be something for you!

How does the Food for Skin Affiliate Program work?

  1. Create an account on TradeTracker
  2. Sign up for the Food for Skin campaign
  3. Promote Food for Skin on your website with the affiliate link
  4. A visitor clicks on the Food for Skin link via your website
  5. An order is placed
  6. The order is registered in TradeTracker
  7. Tradetracker pays the commission to you

Register for free

Sign up for our affiliate program via TradeTracker. After approval you can start promoting Food for Skin.


You receive a commission when the website visitor places an order via your link and it is approved. We work with a commission percentage of 10% and a linear real attribution model, where all our publishers are rewarded equally.