Carrot Cleanser - 50ml

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  • Super mild, nourishing and restorative oil cleanser
  • Gentle on the skin and eyes
  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, which counteracts wrinkle formation

1. Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, 2. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, 3. Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, 4. Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, 5. Beta-Carotene, 6. Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract, 7. Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil, 8. Tocopherol, 9. Elettaria Cardamomum Seed Oil, 10. Commiphora Myrrha Oil, 11. Ascorbyl Palmitate, 12. Linalool*, 13. Citral*, 14. Geraniol*, 15. Limonene* (*from essential oils)

Laboratory tests have shown no evidence of allergies.

Ingredients in understandable Dutch

1. Sunflower oil - rich in essential fatty acids, emollient.

2. Sweet almond oil - high in fatty acids and moisturizing.

3. Wonderboom oil - has a moisture-regulating effect.

4. Jojoba oil - applies a protective layer to the skin to prevent the skin from drying out.

5, 6, 7. Beta-Carotene, carrot extract and carrot seed oil - together a carrot macerate (herb oil), a precursor of vitamin A. This promotes cell regeneration and thus the recovery of the skin. This macerate is absorbed into the sunflower oil.

8. Tocopherol is Vitamin E - protects and contributes to proper utilization of oxygen in the tissues.

9, 10. Cardamom and myrrh essential oil - fragrance

11. Ascorbyl - a natural stabilizer

12, 13, 14, 15. Linalool, Citral, Geraniol and Limonene - have not been added extra, but are mentioned because they are naturally present in the essential oils and are allergens. However, the amount is so small that no warnings have been reported from lab tests.

  1. Wet your face.
  2. Apply one or two pumps of Carrot Cleanser to your hand and massage to cleanse your skin.
  3. Wipe your face with a lukewarm wet washcloth in soft, circular movements.

You can choose to only cleanse in the evening and skip this in the morning, if the skin has been properly cleansed the night before.

The Carrot Cleanser can be safely used to remove eye makeup.

Keep in mind that the Carrot Cleanser cleanses and nourishes your skin, instead of just cleaning. After cleansing you will see that your face has a glow as it is clean and nourished with vitamins.

Good to know: you no longer need to buy cotton wool or make-up wipes, because you only need a warm wet wipe to remove all dirt, make-up and eye make-up.

The Carrot Cleanser has a shelf life of up to 24 months after production. Check the THT on the bottom. Shelf life 6 months after opening.

Does contain

Food for Skin is :

  • 100% natural and almost 100% organic
  • for everyone, regardless of age, gender, skin color and skin condition
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • sustainably produced
  • packaged in such a sustainable and recyclable way (plastic with plastic and glass with glass)
Does not contain

Food for Skin does not contain :

  • perfume, parabens and SLS
  • microplastics
  • nanoparticles
  • synthetic fabrics
  • genetically modified organisms (GMO)

Aan onze Tomato Base Cream en Carrot Cleanser zijn de etherische oliën kardemom, mirre en lemon grass toegevoegd. Naast geur, hebben deze oliën nog andere mooie werkingen, voor zowel je psyche als je huid.


Lemongrass is een echte oppepper door het kruidige citroenaroma. Het verdrijft lusteloosheid en moedeloosheid en geeft kracht als je je zwak voelt. Het werkt versterkend, verkoelend en ontstoppend voor je huid. 


Mirre olie herstelt de huid en werkt ontstekingsremmend. Bij warm weer heeft mirre een licht verkoelende werking op de huid. Daarnaast werkt het kalmerend en rustgevend.


Kardemom heeft een antibacteriële werking. Het geeft een verfrissende energie, kalmeert overspannen zenuwen en helpt spanningen beter te verwerken. Het versterkt je mentale concentratie en ruimt blokkades op.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping within two working days with PostNL. Opened products cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

Carrot Cleanser - 50ml
Carrot Cleanser - 50ml
Carrot Cleanser - 50ml
Carrot Cleanser - 50ml

Why Food for Skin?

  • 100% natural ingredients

    All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients

  • Without mess

    Food for Skin does not contain perfume, parabens, microplastics and other junk

  • Vegan & animal testing free

    Our products are not tested on animals and all ingredients are vegan

  • Upcycling

    We get as many of our ingredients as possible from residual flows