Two sisters on a mission

Food for Skin was founded at the end of 2020 by us, Cathy and Angela: two sisters on a mission to make the beauty industry a little more beautiful again!

After a failed personal search for high-quality, honest and 100% natural skin care, we took matters into our own hands to prove that it is possible: effective products that burden the earth as little as possible. We use the most powerful and nourishing ingredients from nature: vegetables, plants and seeds.

The baseline was developed in more than two years in collaboration with a professional laboratory in the Netherlands.

Food for Skin's mission goes beyond skin care that is as sustainable as possible. We also contribute to the development of more ingredients obtained from local residual flows (upcycling), we invest a lot of time in education and, together with The Plastic Soup Foundation, we combat the use of microplastics in cosmetics. Our mailbox packages are delivered by bicycle or walking cart and in bicycle courier cities, packages are delivered by Cyclone bicycle courier.

Our products and ingredients

Our award-winning facial care contains 100% natural products and is suitable for every age, gender, skin color and skin condition.

No ingredient in our products is used as a filler, meaning that almost every ingredient in our natural skincare is an active ingredient. With these natural ingredients we make the best creams and serums, without perfume, parabens, water, bad alcohols and microplastics.

This results in pure, highly concentrated, effective natural skin care products, which are rare in the world of skin care and cosmetics today.

Skin care that really cares

Over the past few decades, the cosmetics industry has taught us that we need to do more for our skin and has actively contributed to what we call 'beauty culture': using language and visual design to make people believe that everything should be sleeker and more beautiful.

Food for Skin is done with this and wants to communicate honestly, without false promises; no-nonsense and only with real people. No compromises, not on quality and not on durability. We know from experience that sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees between all the claims, certifications and quality marks. That is why we promise you to find the best combination of effective products that not only take good care of you, but also the planet. A strong skin, without having to worry about whether it is sustainable, animal-friendly or vegan.

To reinforce this, we have been a B Corp since 2023, in which you commit to always finding a good balance between 'people, planet & profit' at the civil-law notary. Every year, we transfer part of our gross turnover to parties that have a similar mission.

Our skin philosophy

Many people know that it is good to eat a lot of organic vegetables. Few people know that your skin, your largest organ, also likes to be 'nourished' with all those vitamins and minerals.

On your skin lies a natural layer (the microbiome), invisible to the eye, where natural oils, viruses and bacteria live to ensure that your natural ecosystem functions. If you start treating this skin barrier with harsh, drying ingredients, you could endanger, destroy or stop this delicate ecosystem. This results in an unbalanced, sensitive, sensitive skin barrier with skin problems.

We do not believe in aggressive, stripping products, but want to strengthen the natural ecosystem. We support skin function with the right nutrition for the millions of microbes and protect the skin against external pollution, just as nature does.

Food for Skin brings your skin barrier - the microbiome - into the right balance, which strengthens the skin's own function, resulting in radiant, firm skin.

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