Skinimalisme: Wat is het en hoe kan het jouw huid ten goede komen?

Skinimalism: What is it and how can it benefit your skin?

Pfff there are so many 'skin' trends going around... Every month there is something new: doublecleansing, skinfasting, stacking, snatched skin, glass skin, raw ingredients, single ingredients and also skinminimalism. We will go into more detail about that last trend, because as far as we are concerned it is not a trend, but a keeper!

You may have heard of minimalism when it comes to interior design or fashion, but have you heard of skinimalism? Skinimalism is a skincare trend that revolves around using less products and reducing your daily skincare routine. The idea behind skinimalism is to allow the skin to rest and restore its natural balance. So that your skin gets to work itself, instead of becoming dependent on products that take over the work of the skin. Your skin can literally become addicted to products with some ingredients: as soon as you stop using them, the problems start, because your skin is no longer used to taking care of itself. We at Food for Skin do not think this is a good development. We only want to support the skin with a minimal number of products, so that your skin itself continues to work, resulting in a stronger and firmer skin.

How does skinimalism work?

Skinimalism is all about using fewer products (it makes us happy at Food for Skin!). The goal is to avoid overloading your skin with too many and overly harsh ingredients that the skin can become addicted to. You want to maintain the skin's natural balance, so that your skin becomes strong and can repair itself, regulate itself and keep it healthy. Instead of a skincare routine with an average of 6 products, skinimalism focuses on using only a few products that are essential for supporting strong skin.

The focus here is on the basic products: a super mild cleanser, moisturizing and protective cream and a sunscreen with a high SPF. It is important that you choose products that suit your skin needs, so that the microbiome (that is millions of microorganisms that are supposed to live on the skin to protect your skin) on the skin comes back into balance. This way you not only reduce the number of products you use, but you also prevent your skin (and nature!) from being exposed to unnecessary ingredients and harsh chemicals.

What are the benefits of skinimalism?

By using fewer products, your skin does not rely on the life support of a large amount of excipients, but your skin can recover and regain its natural balance, so that it gets to work itself instead of being stimulated by all kinds of external products. This can make your skin look healthier and stronger.

In addition, skinimalism can also help save money and create a more sustainable lifestyle. After all, you have to buy fewer products, and by choosing more sustainable brands you can contribute to a better environment. The Food for Skin products contain no water or fillers, so 100% nutrition for your skin. You only need a little and a full-size product lasts a long time, about 10-12 weeks.

Is skinimalism for you?

If you are looking for an effective, but more simple and sustainable skincare routine, skinimalism could definitely be for you. It can also help if you suffer from sensitive skin or skin problems. By using fewer products and choosing mild products that suit your skin needs, you can reduce the risk of skin irritations and problems.

What is the difference between skin minimalism and skin fasting?

Skin fasting is deliberately not using cosmetics for a while (weeks or months), in order to stimulate your skin to get back to work itself. At Food for Skin we are absolutely in favor of letting the skin do as much as possible itself, but we also know that air pollution, sun, acid rain, harsh wind, low humidity really 'attack' your skin from the outside. If this were not there, skin fasting would be absolutely fine, but unfortunately those 'attackers' are always there and everywhere. That is why we really believe that good protection of the skin is necessary to support the self-regulating function of the skin. In addition, a skin that is out of balance (read: irregularities, dry, spotty, oily) sometimes also needs a stimulus to reset the skin, but note: always in a very mild and supportive way. Then 1 of our serums is nice that you can grab it for support / boost.

Conclusion on skin minimalism

Skinimalism is a trend that revolves around using less products and reducing your daily skin care routine. As far as we are concerned, this should not be a trend but the standard!

By focusing on the basic products and choosing mild products that suit your skin type, skinimalism can help your skin rest, let it do the work itself and restore its natural balance. It is a sustainable and simple method for strong skin!

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