Skincare by age; this is how you do it

Huidverzorging per leeftijd; zo pak je dat goed aan

We often get questions like 'what skincare do I need'? And also ask whether son or daughter can also use Food for Skin products, because they want to use natural products, without mess. Below you will find what a good skincare routine is for every age.

Skin care age

Skin care in general is always important, starting with baby skin. Food for Skin does not have products for this, but it is important to choose products that really nourish and protect a child's skin barrier. In any case, we recommend that you pay attention to microplastic-free, without crazy resources and as much as possible natural. Make sure you pay close attention to what your child needs and always consult an expert in case of real problems. Do not apply too much, but make sure that the microbiome (the skin flora) is healthy and strong by caring for the skin with a nourishing and protective cream or oil during or after a bath. Avoid using foaming soaps as much as possible, as they dry out the skin. Water also dries out, which is why we recommend applying it after bathing. Of course, good sun protection for your child is important and especially never in direct sunlight!

Young skin has a rapid cell division and that ensures that the skin feels firm and supple. This is where the term 'baby skin' comes from!

Skin care 12, 13, 14, 15 years

Puberty! How do you approach facial care for young skin? And from what age will you start using day cream?

Hormone fluctuations at the top, which can often be seen in the skin of many. We know from personal experience how difficult this is and how you are desperate for that miracle cure and want to believe every advertisement. Many of the remedies specifically advertised for acne are very aggressive. Often the products are extremely drying, which may dry up the pimple, but puts the rest of the skin under great stress. Dehydration causes the skin to produce more sebum and if your skin produces too much sebum, you get clogged pores, which leads to ... pimples! So a vicious circle. You will also often see that these resources seem to help temporarily, but as soon as you stop: bam, everything is back. Your skin becomes 'addicted' to the means, no longer regulates itself and is dependent.

Our vision is therefore also different. Do not fight the pimples with aggressive means, but feed the microbiome in such a way that the balance in the skin barrier returns.

Let's say first of all that in case of severe acne you should always seek help from, for example, a skin therapist who specializes in this. The GP can also prescribe products, but be aware that these types of products often confuse the skin flora. Maybe no more pimples, but flaky skin. That is not necessary, this can be done differently, seek specialized help in this case.

The Food for Skin products were initially not specifically designed for adolescent skin (also not considering the pricing and packaging), but we now know from experience that it can work very well for the adolescent age up to about 20 years.

The best skincare routine from 20 to 40 years

The pubertal hormones stabilize around the age of 20 and then a new 'skin phase' begins. At this age it is important to keep the skin barrier in balance and to take good care of it, so that your skin remains in the best possible condition.

From what age anti aging?

“Should you start using anti-aging products when you are young?” we are often asked. As you may already know, we prefer not to use this term. Because you're getting older is a fact and your skin will also change. Embrace this! That doesn't mean you can't take the best care of your skin. We just don't want to participate in 'beauty culture', where you feel pushed to do a lot to your skin and are dissatisfied because you can't live up to Instagram's picture perfect image.

We do believe that good maintenance does you good, just like with a car. If you maintain your car with routine, the damage is less. That's exactly how it works with your skin. From this age it is therefore really important to cleanse your skin daily, but also to protect it in particular! Because a lot is released on your skin from the outside: acid rain, wind, sun, free radicals.

For ages 20-40 we recommend this as a skincare routine:

1. Cleanse gently with the Carrot Oil Cleanser on a wet face.

2. Gently wipe with a wash cloth in a circular motion to gently remove dead skin cells. Don't scrub!

3. Protect the skin both in the morning and in the evening with the Tomato Base Cream day and night cream, which works perfectly against airborne pollution, among other things.

4. Apply a little Cucumber Serum in the morning. Cucumber seed oil is a super ingredient to keep the skin supple and firm. It ensures regeneration of the skin and thus stimulates cell renewal.

5. Pamper your skin twice a week by applying the Cucumber Serum a little thicker at night to clean skin as a night mask.

6. All our serums are without essential oils, so it can also be used around the eye. Because of the oily structure, eye makeup can run if you apply it right in advance. Keep this in mind.

7. A special night cream is not necessary if your cream does not contain an SPF. So you can also use the Tomato Base Cream wonderfully at night, on a clean face.

8. Use at least SPF30 on sunny days.

The best skincare routine for ages 40 to 55

Especially for women, but also for men, you will see that your skin feels different. Just like with adolescents, this is due to changes in hormone levels. You can see that immediately in your skin. You can suddenly suffer from couperosis (red veins), pigment spots, redness in the face, or even pimples again. Your skin can also become drier, weaker and looser because the collagen in your skin decreases. That's part of it, but it's good to adjust your skin care accordingly.

You do this by adding fats to your skin care routine and allowing the skin to retain moisture as well as possible. There are products on the market that (temporarily) smoothen wrinkles (blurring), but Food for Skin does not have those products, because we go for 'real' and 'natural'. But if it really bothers you, you can definitely consider it (take a natural variant!). Also pay attention to your make-up use: mattifying products seem to make the skin look drier and older. A make-up with a shine makes your face livelier.

Do you suffer from pigment spots? In any case, it is really important to properly protect your skin against the sun with a minimum factor of 30 , not to excessively scrub, exfoliate or treat your skin with a peeling lotion (eg BHA or glycol) before you go into the sun. This removes the natural protective layer, which can accelerate pigment disturbances in the sun. With pigment spots it is important to use a Vitamin C product. The Food for Skin Pumpkin Serum contains a lot of vitamins A, B2, and C! Clean your skin with a mild product, such as the Carrot Cleanser .

A good skincare routine from the age of 55

Hormonal changes also play an important role for the skin from about 55 years of age (obviously for some people a little earlier and for others later), just like in puberty.

The skin becomes a lot less elastic and firm. If you want to prevent this, it is really important to start with good maintenance for your skin in time. And that's not just in your skincare, but of course that is also mega influenced by alcohol, smoking, stress, your diet, medication use, etc.

Serum for mature skin

Since skin tends to get drier as you get older, we recommend oil serums. The Food for Skin Avocado Serum is a fine example of this. The vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids nourish dry skin and make the skin supple again.

Your skin becomes less able to keep the microbiome in balance, so use a cleansing oil or milk, do not use soapy or foaming products. These only dry out the skin further. The Carrot Cleanser is a super mild and nourishing cleanser and leaves the PH value alone. You do not have to use a toner or tonic afterwards, because the PH value of the skin is not affected.

Protect your skin against weather influences and air pollution with the Tomato Base Cream day and night cream and pamper your skin at least once a week with a rich oil-based mask. A thicker layer of Avocado Serum for the night also works wonders.

The above are tips per age, for men and women, but there are of course also many general tips:

  • Call in a skin therapist if you really have problems.

  • Always protect your skin from the sun.

  • Ensure a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and ensure good humidity in the house.

  • Alcohol really does affect your skin, so use it sparingly.

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