Code of Ethics Food for Skin





Food for Skin is a mission-driven impact company. The company was founded with the mission to 'clean up the beauty industry, together'.

Food for Skin wants to:

  1. Make consumers aware of the polluting ingredients often used in personal care products, such as microplastics, PFAS etc.
  2. Inspire the personal care industry that it can be done differently: by using only biodegradable ingredients, from nature.
  3. By proving it can be done: with Food for Skin we set the positive example.


Food for Skin stands for:

  • Being real – no fakes, no false promises, no photoshop. We paint the picture as is, no 'covering up', but brutal openness
  • Resilience – even when it's tough, we'll stick to our promises
  • Loyalty – we want to have equal and loyal relationships with suppliers, customers and clients. We are in it for the long term.
  • Courage – we are not afraid to fight, to battle, we are not building a brand, but we are taking a stand.


Food for Skin values ​​relationships. When building new relationships with suppliers, consumers or clients, we will always:

  • Be transparent and honest
  • Manage expectations
  • Take decisions for the sake of a long term relationship
  • Try to make a win-win situation out of it
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Value each others prices and will never force one to make a deal
  • 🡪 No matter who it is, what gender, what background or whatsoever. We are inclusive.


  • Food for Skin treats anyone with respect, no matter your age, background, gender or whatsoever.
  • Food for Skin is always honest: about the good things and the bad things.
  • Food for Skin highly values ​​relationships and will treat anyone like you would treat your family or friends