Natuurlijke verzorging en herstel van de huidbarrière

Natural care and repair of the skin barrier

The founders (Cathy and Angela) of Food for Skin asked themselves the question "Is the traditional skincare routine that we know best for the ultimate healthy skin?"

Microbiome skin

On your skin lies a natural layer (the microbiome), invisible to the eye, where natural oils and bacteria live to ensure that your natural ecosystem functions. This layer – your skin barrier – protects your skin from external influences and ensures that your skin remains balanced and in good health.

If you start treating this skin barrier with harsh, drying ingredients, you could endanger, destroy or stop this delicate ecosystem. This in turn results in an unbalanced, sensitive, out-of-balance skin barrier with known skin problems such as:

  • Dry skin but still pimples

  • Extremely fat

  • Extremely dry

  • Unpredictable

  • Dry one day, oily the next

  • Sensitive to most skincare products

  • Skin that reddens easily

  • Eczema or rosacea

Strengthen skin barrier

What we believe in is: by supporting the skin's natural ecosystem with super mild, yet effective products with the right balance between natural and active ingredients, your skin barrier will not only come back into balance and remain intact, but also glow. Your skin will become stronger and show fewer irregularities.

Bacteria on the skin

Food for Skin therefore tackles the basics; creating a healthy balance of oils and bacteria on the skin. We do this by feeding the natural skin flora with oils and active ingredients that the microbiome recognizes and easily absorbs, without destroying 'bad' bacteria. This ensures that the 'good' bacteria gain the upper hand and the 'bad' bacteria (which cause redness, pimples or eczema) are less able to find their way into the microbiome.

Disturbed skin barrier

Food for Skin does not offer an overnight solution. Your skin will not glow in 1 day. The microbiome must slowly recover and come back into balance. This can cause a bit of troubled skin when you start using Food for Skin products - the skin is looking for the right balance and needs to 'get rid of' the addictive effect of your non-natural products. But after 3 to 4 weeks, when the skin starts to renew itself, you will see the first results. With prolonged use, the skin barrier will become stronger and the skin will become smoother and firmer.

Repair broken skin

Did you know that your skin flora can become addicted to certain chemical products? If you 'attack' your skin every day with aggressive cleaners and then have to restore it with a lot of serums and cream, the natural balance is gone and your skin becomes dependent on the repair capacity of your serums and cream. Your skin becomes 'lazy' and waits for you to take action again.

100% natural products are recognizable for the microbiome and give your skin a little Pokon, as it were: some extra nutrition to help restore and protect your skin.

Excess of too much skin care harms

The average skincare routine now consists of 8 care products:

  1. A cleanser for the facial skin with soap or alcohol that causes the pH value to become unbalanced (tight skin!)

  2. A cleanser for eye make-up with soap or alcohol that causes the pH value to become unbalanced (tight skin!)

  3. A toner/mist/lotion to restore the pH value

  4. An intensive exfoliant that removes the top layer of skin, so that the protective barrier also disappears

  5. A serum to deeply nourish the skin

  6. A cream (possibly with SPF) to rebuild the protective layer that you just broke down..

  7. An eye cream

  8. Additional SPF

Restore skin barrier with three skin care products

Food for Skin wants to strengthen the natural ecosystem instead of breaking it down and therefore skips step three, toner and four, exfoliant. That's two products less. In our cleaner we use an oil that can be used for both eyes and skin (because it doesn't sting or pull). This keeps the pH value in balance and no toner is needed. Food for Skin also does not have a special eye cream in its range. Although the eye skin is even more delicate than the rest of your body, it still works in the same way. Careful cleaning and treatment is the advice here - not by means of another product. Our serums and creams can simply be used around the eye if applied with soft fingertips.

Scrub or exfoliate?

We also skip aggressive exfoliating products because they remove all bacteria, including the 'good' ones! bacteria belong on your face and when you remove it you are more likely to get pimples, dryness and redness. Have a deep cleaning done at your salon once every 6 weeks, so you know you won't damage your skin.

Skin minimalism

All in all, that saves 4 products, so you can bring your skincare routine to only 4 products. So consume less, by using more quality. That is not only better for your skin (because you don't spoil your skin too much but let it function properly), but also better for the environment. You save 50% on packaging and transport (so CO2) and with natural products you no longer release microplastics or harmful chemicals into the environment!

Our skin care routine consists of:

  1. Cleanse with the Carrot Cleanser - all ages

  2. Protect with the Tomato base cream day and night cream - all ages

  3. Personalize by supplementing the Tomato base cream with a nourishing serum ( cucumber, pumpkin or avocado )

  4. Use our SPF30 on sunny days

Skin care that really cares

In recent decades, the cosmetics industry has 'taught' us to do more for our skin (β€œof course you need 12 products! Checkout!), has developed more products that have to remedy the disadvantages of another product and has actively contributed to what we call 'beauty culture': using language and visual design to make people believe that they are not beautiful enough and that everything should always be sleeker and better. This ignored (mental) health, quality, honesty and sustainability.

Food for Skin is done with this and wants to communicate honestly how it actually works, what it does, but also what it doesn't do. Without false promises; so no nonsense.

Your journey starts here

We would like to help you on your journey to an optimal skin balance. With the help of education, tools and support, we support you in your skincare journey. We know from experience how important healthy skin is.

If you have any questions, please ask your question to our skin specialist Cathy (

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