Restore your skin barrier 100% naturally

Je huidbarrière 100% natuurlijk herstellen

Repair your damaged skin barrier

Your skin is super smart! Respecting that is the smartest thing you can do. Because this ensures a natural recovery of your skin barrier. Many products disrupt the natural balance of your skin - often without you realizing it. Fortunately, you can restore this balance by working with your skin. And that's not that difficult at all. Before we explain how to restore your skin barrier, let's first dive a little deeper into the ecosystem of your skin.

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Microbiome: the barrier function of your skin

There is an invisible layer of natural oils and bacteria on your skin. This layer functions as your skin's natural ecosystem. This ecosystem is also called 'the microbiome' or 'the skin barrier' and protects your skin against external influences. A well-functioning skin barrier keeps your skin in balance, in good health and can even make your skin glow! Well-cared for skin ensures that viruses, bad bacteria and harmful substances are kept out.

repair damaged skin

Symptoms of a damaged skin barrier

The skin barrier is a quite delicate system and can be disrupted by the use of aggressive, drying ingredients. This results in damaged skin. You can often recognize a damaged skin barrier by various skin problems:

  • Dry skin but still pimples

  • Extremely oily skin

  • Extremely dry skin

  • Unpredictable skin

  • Dry one day, greasy the next

  • Sensitive to most skincare products

  • Skin that reddens easily

  • Eczema or rosacea

Did you know that your skin can become addicted to certain chemical facial care products? If you treat your skin with aggressive cleansers every day, this must then be corrected by serums and creams. This causes the natural balance of your skin to disappear. Depending on the repair capacity of your serums and creams, your skin becomes 'lazy'.

Damaged skin, what now?

Do you suffer from any of the above symptoms? Then there is a chance that your skin has been damaged by the use of not-so-friendly care products. Fortunately, there is good news: your skin is quite resilient. With the right active ingredients and mild products, your skin will regain balance and become radiant. Your skin's natural barrier function becomes stronger and will show fewer irregularities.

Restore skin barrier with Food for Skin

So it's high time for a reset. And that is exactly what Food for Skin stands for. No more unnecessary, disruptive care products, but 100% natural products that support your skin. We do this with as few products as possible, without fuss and with the smallest possible impact on nature. We call that skinimalism . 100% natural products are recognizable for your skin barrier and, as it were, give your skin a little Pokon: extra nutrition to repair your broken skin.

Repairing damaged skin does not happen overnight

Although we, and a growing satisfied customer base with us every day, are convinced of the restorative capacity of Food for Skin, your skin does not recover overnight. The microbiome needs time to recover and become balanced. If you are just starting with Food for Skin products, your skin will 'kick the habit' of previously used non-natural skin care products. This may cause your skin to become a little more restless at first. After 3 to 4 weeks your skin will renew and you will see the first results. With long-term use, the skin barrier becomes stronger and your skin becomes smoother and firmer.

Restore skin with just 3 products

You really read it! With Food for Skin you only need 3 care products to restore your skin's natural protective layer.

  1. Our Carrot Cleanser contains an oil that can be used for both the eyes and skin. This does not sting and keeps the pH of your skin in balance.

  2. You then protect the cleansed skin with our Tomato Base Cream . You can use this both during the day and at night.

  3. The more mature your skin, the more nourishing your facial care should be. Therefore, supplement the Food for Skin day and night cream with the Cucumber , Pumpkin or Avocado serum .

  4. And do you also want to protect your skin on sunny days? Then use SPF30 .

Strengthen skin barrier? Reset your skincare!

Over the past decades, the cosmetics industry has 'taught' us that we need to do more for our skin ("of course you need 12 products! Checkout!"). More and more products have come onto the market that have to remedy the disadvantages of one product with another product. And so we arrive at an extensive skincare routine, which does more harm than good to our skin barrier. We haven't even mentioned how this industry's manufactured ideal of beauty ignores our mental health and the environment.

Food for Skin is done with this and communicates honestly about how the industry works and what does work for your skin (barrier). We do this without false promises and with the aim of offering you optimal skin balance. If you have any questions about this, please email our skin specialist (and one of the founders of Food for Skin) Cathy . Discover the power of 100% natural skincare and reset your skincare! Then we will reset the cosmetics industry together with you!

Try Food for Skin for 3 weeks with a trial set and let us convince you that your facial skin can also recover.

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