This is how you treat your skin in and after the summer

Zo verzorg je een onrustige huid in en na de zomer

Dry skin summer

Wonderful summer! You feel rested and recharged, yet your skin shows something different. This can happen both during and after the summer. Your skin may feel dull, blotchy or dry and you may have some subcutaneous pimples. Even though you had really taken good care of it. How can this happen? Here you can read the four causes of less beautiful skin in or after the summer.

1. Pimples due to sunburn

By using sunscreen you can suffer from acne on your face and you may notice that you have more pimples in the summer. Both a natural and a chemical filter can cause a skin reaction.

a. Physical/mineral/natural filters place a UV-resistant layer on your skin, which causes the skin to react differently than normal. Because sunscreen with a natural filter does not absorb into your skin, but remains on your skin, it is extra important to cleanse your skin properly at the end of the day, for example with our mild Carrot Cleanser .

b. Chemical filters block UV from entering the skin, which can cause skin reactions and inflammation.

2. Food and drink

On holiday you often eat and drink differently than the rest of the year. Alcohol has a drying effect on your body, which can cause you to have drier skin in the summer. And who knows, you may have eaten something fattier than normal. This causes a disturbance to your skin.

3. Pimples caused by sun

Sun on your skin. Even though the sun feels so nice and you protect your skin as best as possible, it still suffers from the sun. UVA works deep into the skin, which can cause more wrinkles and UVB can cause an inflammatory reaction in the skin. You do not see this immediately, but often only in the longer term.

4. Less vital skin layer

The sun makes your top layer of skin thicker. As a protection mechanism against the sun, your skin will shed fewer skin cells (dead skin cells). So you have more 'old' cells in your top layer of skin that are less vital.

After the summer you will also notice that the change in the weather (autumn!) makes your skin look less beautiful. The heating comes on again, the weather is suddenly cooler and you spend less time outside. This is a normal reaction of the skin to external conditions.

OK, now you may have found some causes of troubled skin, but more importantly: what can you do about it?

Beauty tips and skin care in and after the summer

Our 8 tips for getting your skin flora (microbiome) back in order can be found here. You can do this during and after the summer.

1) Visit the beautician

Visit your beautician for professional skin cleansing. Look here which specialists work with Food for Skin products. Do not try to use strongly stripping and exfoliating products yourself. This removes the protective layer of your skin flora, causing more problems for the skin. The skin receives the signal that it has to defend itself against these products and then only becomes more restless (for more information, see our blog about the  skin barrier ).

2) Cleanse gently

Use a mild cleanser that does not make your skin react even more violently. Our Carrot Cleanser cleanses the skin, but does not bring it further out of balance and actually helps restore the skin flora. Make sure your cleanser is pH neutral so that the cleanser does not further unbalance your skin barrier.

3) Wipe with a light textured cloth

Wipe your oil cleanser with a light-textured cloth, such as our wash cloth , or any other light-textured wash cloth. Remove your cleanser with lukewarm water (not too hot!) and swirl the cloth on the skin with light movements. Don't scrub! This removes dead skin cells without removing the living protective layer on your skin. Pay particular attention to the folds, where dead skin cells tend to accumulate. By removing dead skin cells, the living layer on your face literally receives more oxygen and is better able to absorb your nourishing skin care.

4) Nourish your skin with a serum

Give your skin an extra boost with a serum. At Food for Skin we have three, depending on your age or skin condition. See here which one suits you.

5) Apply a protective cream

Apply a layer of protection over that. The Tomato Base Cream is a great protector against weather influences (rain, wind, temperature fluctuations) and keeps the nutrients and moisture in the skin better instead of evaporating, for example, by using the heater.

6) Drink a lot

And we mean water or herbal tea! In the summer, many people consume more alcohol, which dries out your body and therefore also your skin. Therefore, take more water or herbal tea during this period to strengthen your skin from within. You really need moisture from within to hydrate. A cream only ensures that what you already have in you is retained better and does not evaporate. So you won't get there with just a strong day and night cream.

7) Pay attention to the humidity

Help your skin by paying attention to whether the humidity in the office or at home (and especially in your bedroom) is right. You can do this by placing a hygrometer and placing containers of water in your house if the air is too dry. Preferably do this near your heat sources, so that the moisture will spread well.

8) Fresh air

Your skin must be able to breathe. Your skin is a living organ and does not want to be covered with thick layers of foundation or Vaseline. Ideally, you should not use anything on top of your cream for a few weeks and let the skin do its own work by recovering. But also ensure sufficient ventilation in your home, for example by opening a window.

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