Autumn beauty tips: what pumpkin can do for your skin

Beauty tips voor de herfst: wat pompoen voor je huid kan doen

Dry skin due to cold weather

October really is pumpkin month! Halloween, but you can also see them in all shapes and sizes at the greengrocer. Not only tasty and very healthy to eat, but did you know that it can also really improve your skin?

Now that the heaters are on (probably a few degrees lower), the weather is suddenly a lot cooler and we spend less time outside, you may notice that your skin also reacts differently: perhaps a bit redder in the cold, drier and perhaps drier after a day of working from home. also a bit spotty. This in itself is a very normal reaction of the skin to changing external conditions. Your skin responds and indicates what it needs: mild care that prevents dryness and protects you from external influences.

Dry skin in autumn

Your skin is a living organ, a natural organ and it is therefore very logical that it moves with the Dutch seasons. If you look at nature, the season also gives your body what you need in that season, isn't that beautiful?

Pumpkin for your skin

Pumpkin is an age-old medicine and care product. The oldest pumpkin seeds probably come from Mexico. There are many stories in history about the use of pumpkin for healing the skin in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. It was widely used as a painkiller and to fight infections, because pumpkin naturally contains bacteria-inhibiting components.

Vitamins in pumpkin

Pumpkin seed oil is used in many cosmetic products. It is a vegetable oil that is full of skin-care ingredients, such as:

  • Beta-carotene – a precursor of vitamin A, for firm skin

  • Vitamin B2 & B3 – softens the skin and improves skin color

  • Potassium – helps retain moisture in the skin

  • Magnesium – an essential mineral for healthy skin

  • Zinc, which helps with cell renewal and the production of the skin's own collagen

  • Omegas 3, 6 and 9. These 3 essential fatty acids are important for a healthy skin barrier and soft skin with a healthy color.

Pumpkin seeds for your skin

Pumpkin seed oil is made from the seeds of the pumpkin, which contain the pumpkin's DNA. It takes 3 kilos of pumpkin seeds to obtain 1 liter of oil. Once the pumpkins are harvested, the seeds are removed and cleaned. After drying they are cold pressed.

Prevent dry skin

To give your skin an extra boost in the cold months, you can use the Food for Skin Pumpkin Serum . This consists of more than 50% pumpkin seed oil. This rich pumpkin seed oil:

  • Restores dry and spotty skin

  • This makes lines less hard

  • Prevents cracks in the skin (also stretch marks)

  • Helps against inflammation

  • Helps renew the skin

The serum is supplemented with other very beautiful natural oils such as:

  • Cucumber seed extract - has a moisturizing effect

  • Chia seed oil - has a soothing effect

  • Broccoli seed oil - is protective

  • Candeia tree extract - has a healing effect

  • Sea buckthorn oil - is protective

  • Sunflower oil - as a carrier oil

  • Rosemary extract - antioxidant and shelf life

  • Q10 - for full, firm and smooth skin

The Pumpkin Serum contains no synthetic substances, no perfume, no alcohol and deliberately contains no essential oil, so that it can also be used around the eye without any problems. The serum is dark orange and is quickly absorbed into the skin. The scent is 100% natural and smells nutty. All in all, a beautiful serum with only beautiful ingredients from nature!

In addition to great skin care and a powerful serum, we have some great tips to keep your skin strong after the summer. You can read that here .

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