Tips against dry skin in winter

Tips tegen een droge huid in de winter

It's going to get colder again. Lights in the garden, dark early and maybe snow... but a cold or a runny nose is also part of it (Need a nice tip for someone who is sick? Go to ).

In addition to your body, your skin also has to get used to the cover. flakes, itchy skin, pimples, a worsening of eczema or rosacea... Your skin really needs a little more attention during such a period. That's why here are some tips to get through the winter nicely.

A dry face in winter

Your skin barrier can be damaged by the abrasion of the cold air. As a result, your skin absorbs less nourishing ingredients and becomes drier and more sensitive. Drying out accelerates the skin aging process. The use of shawls and high collars also causes more bacteria on the skin. Your skin's metabolism is also different in winter. In winter, your sebaceous glands are less active, causing the greasy protective layer to shrink. Taking extra care of your skin is therefore not an unnecessary luxury.

What to do about dry skin?

Prevent dry and chapped skin in winter with these tips.

1. Don't shower too hot

Don't shower too hot. This may cause red, burst veins, because your blood vessels expand.

2. Don't lick your lips wet, but drink plenty of water.

For dry lips: do not lick your lips while they are wet. Funnily enough, moisture will dry out your lips even further. But drink lots of water! To help your lips relax again, it is nice to temporarily use a lip balm. But be careful not to let your lips get used to this too much, because then you won't be able to do without it later.

3. Use a natural cream against dry skin

Protect your facial skin against the elements with a non-aggressive mild natural cream. The lycopene in the Tomato Base Cream from Food for Skin protects you against free radicals. The avocado and broccoli seed oil repair the skin, make your skin soft and protect it against external influences.

4. Use natural oil for dry skin

Be kind to your skin during these months and pamper your skin with a super mild oil cleansing based on carrot oil. Carrot oil stimulates your skin to produce collagen , it nourishes your skin and gives it a healthy complexion. You can even remove your eye makeup with this. Use the Carrot Cleanser on dry skin or in the shower. Wipe with a warm wet cloth and your skin is clean and nourished.

5. Give your dry face an extra boost in winter with a serum

During the day and at night, your skin can use something extra in these types of circumstances: a serum. A serum adds even more nutrients in combination with your cream, but can also be applied directly to your skin twice a week as a night mask. You give your skin a real boost with a serum! At Food for Skin you can choose from aCucumber Serum for younger, sometimes blemished skin, a Pumpkin Serum to prevent your fine lines from disappearing, or an Avocado Serum to give your skin suppleness again.

6. Cover your face when you are outside

If you feel like going outside in extreme cold to take a walk or go ice skating, or if it is necessary because you have to go to work, for example, cover your facial skin with a scarf and hat. Your skin can freeze!

What not to do if you have dry skin in winter:

1. Be gentle when exfoliating.

If your skin is already sensitive, this can cause additional damage to your skin barrier.

2. Do not use cleansers with alcohol or perfume

This makes your skin dry out even faster.

3. Vaseline/udder ointment product, yes or no?

Opinions differ about the use of a Vaseline/udder ointment product. It places a nice greasy layer over your face, which protects your skin from the outside, but it does nothing for your skin itself. It does not nourish your skin, which means it lacks nutrients and can dry out even further.

4. Take a good look at your favorite shower gel

In winter, it is best to use a product with an oil structure, so that your skin gets a thin layer of protection.

5. Do not set the heating too high without also paying attention to the humidity. Heating is very drying, so make sure you have a good humidifier, possibly combined with an essential oil for a nice scent in your home.

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